The realm of Phurson: a savage land filled with fell monsters and dark magic. Ravenous beasts lurk in the valleys and the jungles outside the walls of towns, oases of safety in a crucible of howling death. Savage brigands lie in wait to brutalize hapless fools unwary enough to brave the roads between cities without armed escort. Wicked dragons slither through the skies and the minds of mortal men. Mysterious sorcerers ply their arcane trade through contracts with blood-soaked demons in moldering towers of crumbled stone. The Grand Empress Tsondun Varkas V, granddaughter of the Great Architect, Tsondun Tarav IX, watches the suffering of her people from the life baths of her Silver Tower and laughs as she plots her next conquest.
Welcome to Phurson, aryit. Try not to die too horribly.

Pathfinder Urzugga

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